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www.LuvvBugg.com - Real-Time Updates from the Dating World. Great for going on a date and letting your friends follow along.

water turns back-cloud nothings

I have only had this in my possession for 1/2 an hour and I cannot express my happiness regarding this purchase.

Je veux te voir- Yelle

Last night Corinna & I saw Hey Champ (a IAE’s member fav from early 2009) & Passion Pit at the Pre-Party for 105.3 Not So Silent Night at the Mezzanine. I have been kinda skeptical about Passion Pit.  I saw them at Bimbo’s this year & had a crazy time. But when I saw them at Treasure Island I wasn’t incredibly impressed & watched their Jimmy Kimmel performance from this week & thought EGAD!  But they brought it.

And guys I feel so young again.  NSSN is something I grew up with, always pining to go but my parents were way to protective to allow me to go to a concert, let alone a pre-party to a concert. Here are some mentionable young people things we did:

1. Crunck action.  On a week night.  This is rare but much needed for dancing.

2. We snuggled up front row.  This is something I no longer do unless I can have about 5 ft. room around me.  It’s mostly due to an experience at a Crystal Castles show Celina & went to last year at the Independent.

3. We almost got in a fight with a 17 yr. old durty byrd & her extreme boyfriend to which we were backed up by a random stranger/new bestie Josh.

4. We had a giant dance off with our neighbors.  Random strangers singing along to Passion Pit, holding hands, jumping up & down. Straight up EUPHORIA.

Of course we left before the Gossip & I was in bed before midnight.  And I thought i might pass out during dance off due to a sudden exercise enduced asthma attack.  All & all, I feel a renewed sense of needing to dance.  Our new friend Josh had a small dance off with us in between sets to this song.  This tunage had been added to the workinprogress NYE’10 compilation for Alicia & Sam.

Bits & Pieces- Junior Boys

Low budget fluorescent dance offs are just the best.

Life Magazine-Cold Cave

It is imperative that when preparing for a holiday one must select a jam to represent that given holiday.  This song must embody the symbol of that holiday.  It’s alot of pressure to bear. New Years Eve ‘10 contains the double whammy. Not only is it NYE, a typically disappointing holiday, but it is also the start of a new decade. HUGE, this song must be HUGE.

Alicia & Sam requested a soundtrack for their NYE evening and I do believe, while compiling this sicky playlist, Philly based Cold Cave has stepped up to fill this request.  I’m looking for further guidance on this one, any input greatly appreciated.

Anchorage- Surfer Blood

The new decade will mark some much antcipated new music. Astro Coast is one of those I look forward to indulging in.  When you hear Surfer Bloods’ music you hear that 90’s rock sound with glo-fi tendencies.  This tuneage is per EOB epic mix CD action which has clearly been a perfered playlist lately (thanks again Sir).

Easy-Pure Ecstasy

I’m a sucker for this Austin TX. band. Stereotypically what I’m listening to lately.

Pre-order Easy from Light Lodge here.

Go & see ‘em in our new decade at the Hemlock on January 6th with Siilver Pines (overlapping band members here).

I could not resist this one. Edward Sharpe just might be a modern day Indiana Jones.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Kisses Over Babylon (Video)

Glad I found this in my mess of an inbox! This is part 2 of Edward Sharpe’s mini-series of 12 music videos. It’s pretty out there, but one should expect that from a band like this. Quite an impressive undertaking!

1901- Phoenix (A Takeaway Show)

There is more.  Check out this & this.

This looks so fun.  Can I come next time guys?

What Did He Say- Nite Jewel

Recently I was gifted an impressive mix CD from Mr. EOB inspried by epic roadtrip down south to catch Real Estate.  Although he probably already knows it, it is a very good mix CD.  And although he probably knows it, I have continuously indulged in it since receiving. One of the standout tracks on the compilation is Ramona Gonzalez, known as Nite Jewel, whom recently opened for Neon Indian at the Rickshaw.  It so effectively proves that there is nothing like an 8-track recorder to get you pop on.

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